NEW BOOK: Advancing Black Male Student Success

Advancing Black Male Student Success (edited by Shaun R. Harper and J. Luke Wood) presents a comprehensive portrait of Black male students at every stage in the U.S. education system: preschool and kindergarten; elementary, middle and high schools; community colleges and four-year postsecondary institutions; and master’s and doctoral programs. Each chapter is a synthesis of existing research on experience, educational outcomes, and persistent inequities at each pipeline point. Throughout the book, data are included to provide statistical portraits of the status of Black boys and men. Authors include, in each chapter, forward-thinking recommendations for education policy, research and practice.

Most published scholarship on Black male students blames them and their families for their failures in school. This literature is replete with hopeless, pathological portrayals of this population. Through this deficit thinking and resultant practices, Black boys and men have continually experienced disparate outcomes. This book departs from prior scholarship in that the editors and authors argue that much is done to Black male students, which explains their troubled status in U.S. education. In addition to the editors’ expertise on the topic, the authorship cast includes several scholars who are among the most respected thought leaders on Black male students in education… (purchase the book here)

Reviews & Endorsements:
“Harper and Wood have provided a timely and definitive text that offers rich conceptual, empirical, and practical analysis on Black males and education. This book explains the challenges Black boys and men encounter in pursuit of education, and offers meaningful ways to disrupt these troubling trends. It is mandatory reading for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers.”
– Tyrone C. Howard, Professor and Director ,UCLA Black Male Institute
Advancing Black Male Student Success is a timely compendium that fruitfully contributes to the national conversation regarding the education of Black boys and men. Drawing on relevant research, best practices, and solid policy analyses, authors point the way to proven ideas and interventions that truly work throughout the educational pipeline. Morehouse College and many others will benefit from this text.”
– John Silvanus Wilson Jr., President ,Morehouse College