Speaking Events

To book Dr. Wood for speaking, please contact Karen Anderson at scheduling@coralearning.org. If you are a student and would like to book a 20 minute free phone call with Dr. Wood, please indicate STUDENT REQUEST in the subject line of your email. If you would like to book Dr. Wood for professional speeches and workshops (described below), please indicate SPEAKING REQUEST in the subject line of your email.

Regular speaking topics:

General topics

  • Unconscious bias in education: redressing inequities in education
  • Black Minds Matter
  • Racial microaggressions in schools and colleges
  • Teaching boys and young men of color
  • How the policing and schooling of Black boys and men are linked

Community college topics

  • Men of color in community colleges: Trends, challenges, and opportunities
  • Teaching and relational practices for underserved students in community colleges
  • Teaching men of color in community colleges
  • Counseling and advising men of color in community colleges
  • Serving men of color in community colleges outside of the classroom
  • Ethical leadership in community colleges
  • Leading for student equity in community colleges
  • Institutional responsibility for student success
  • Equity-root cause analysis for identifying ’causes’ of equity gaps
  • Supporting students who experience food and housing insecurities
  • Creating conditions that foster engagement among college men of color
  • Equity planning to advance student success outcomes for men of color
  • Beyond the plan, implementing equity efforts