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Leaders Driving Change: Dr. Luke Wood, San Diego State University. College Futures Foundation.

SDSU 125 Years: Mural Honors Stories of Black Campus Leaders. SDSU NewsCenter. 

CFA Members Learn about Racelighting, How to Combat Racialized Psychological Manipulation. California Faculty Association.

Rowdy Frats, Racist Attacks and COVID 19 test Mettle or Rising SDSU Leader. San Diego Union Tribune. 

Wood Family Gift Honors Dean Emeritus Joseph F. Johnson, Jr. SDSU NewsCenter.

Racelighting and Inauthentic Allyship: How to Recognize It, and How to Change It. Diverse Issues in Higher Education. 

Strategic Plan Progress to be Shared at All-Campus Showcase. SDSU NewsCenter.

Diversity in College and Why It Matters. U.S. News and World Report.

How to Instill a ‘Growth Mindset’ in Kids. U.S. News and World Report.

Task Force Group Formed to Name SDSU Buildings. SDSU NewsCenter.

SDSU Receives Seal of Excelencia for Commitment to Latino Students. Times of San Diego.

SDSU Named “Best of the Best” for LGBTQ Students. SDSU NewsCenter.

SDSU Has Received Federal Designation as an AANAPISI-Eligible Institution. SDSU NewsCenter.

Commentary: I’m a frat member and SDSU administrator. Here’s what we’re doing to curb college drinking. San Diego Union Tribune.

In California, disparity in suspending Black boys is widest in early grades. San Diego Union Tribune.

Opinion: The Chauvin verdict left me with an overwhelming sense of contentment, but also sadness, and conflict. San Diego Union Tribune.

Wood Uses Scholarship to Promote Advocacy. Diverse Issues in Higher Education.

California’s Black Suspension Capital. The Observer.

SDSU Professor Challenges Concept Widely Embraced By Educators. KPBS

Black Minds Matter: Civil Resistance in the Classroom. Diverse Issues in Higher Education.

Study: Black Students Still More Likely To Face Harsh Discipline. KPBS.

10 black San Diegans write about their lives, racial justice and police brutality. San Diego Union Tribune.

‘Potty training to punishment’ | SCUSD suspends Black kids at high rates. ABC10 News.

San Diego State to pioneer race relations requirement in criminal justice program. EdSource.

Why San Diego State offers a model for how to approach a rise in campus Covid infections. EdSource.